I believe that close up magic is the best and most exciting magic to witness. There is nothing more special than seeing something jaw dropping right in front of your eyes.

I combine classic magic such as coins, cards, and borrowed objects and some more modern stuff like mentalism. Whatever style of event that you have I am very willing to tailor my illusions (or even learn new ones!) to suit your needs.

I work as a close up magician which usually entails ‘table hopping’ i.e going around the tables between courses and keeping people entertained or walking around between groups if you have a stand up/mingling event. Either way I can move around and perform as and when wanted. I can chat about magic all day so my “show” can be very flexable and customised. Lets have a chat!

Above all I work on my own as my own company and want to offer you a very personal and caring service.

How long have you been interested in magic?

I have always loved magic ever since I was young. Got my very first magic set right back for one of my early birthdays and always loved going to see magic shows. I started properly practising and performing magic while at university through a society, Ever since I learned how to properly hold a pack of playing cards I have not looked back and love to learn about, master and perform magic as much as possible..

Take us through your show – what can we expect?

I work as a close up magician and love to amaze small bite sized groups of people (say between 3 and 10) with illusions right in front of their eyes. The two main types of events tend to be sit down dinners and stand up/mingling events.

During a sit down dinner, I can offer entertainment to your guests between courses and any down time that they may experience. That will involve walking around to each table, introducing myself and performing a few illusions. The same goes for stand up events for example drinks receptions and discos, walking around and getting as many smiles as possible. I carry everything that I require on my person and can turn up and work autonomously to allow you to have a stress free evening.

I do operate flexibly so I will make sure that I get around everyone given the amount of time that I am working for and the size of event. When working for longer events I do sometimes do multiple passes and break up the entertainment. Equally I do judge how people respond as some people appreciate magic more than others. If certain groups are not as in to it than others then that is completely OK and I will simply move on.

Magicians personas do tend to vary which is one of the main difference between us that you may want to consider. My personality has lead me to a ‘polite’ style of performance. By that I mean I always want people to feel at ease and I tend to stay away from the ‘making a fool’ out of a guest style performance. That being said, I do have a cheeky side and can have a bit of fun on request (such as getting your best man back for his speech!).

What do you love most about your job?

Magic! Enough said. To be more specific its the reaction of my audience. There is nothing more special than to have someone completely blown away by an illusion and to see childlike excitement in their eyes. To be completely honest, when you can detect a buzz around the room and when getting to a new group they are already super excited as they have heard such good things definitely makes me feel good and love the work that I do even more.

Why should clients choose you?

I am not going to lie, there are some great magicians out there and it is sometimes difficult to know what to go with.

I hope that the above honest answers will lead me in a good light and click with the type of service that you are after. All I am going to say here is that you will get a magician who is so passionate about the art and will bend over backwards to make sure you are pleased with the service that you receive.

If in the off chance that I cannot accommodate your time and date, I can still give you some guidance and if requested refer you to someone who will keep you in safe hands.